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  1. Rex Rex

    Nicely done Peter

    • Why thank you Rex. You strike me as someone who may have heard this song a bit too often in the Sixties.

  2. ann ann

    Well documented, you perfectly captured summer travel here in Fla.

    • Thank you! Have you been caught in many of these?

  3. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the awesome post including Cheryl leading the dance group. We’re in San Francisco following Wendy’s son Noah’s recent wedding in the LA area followed by visit with friends here. What if any future travel plans do you two have this year? Any chance you’ll be visiting the Boston area? If so we would of course love to see you.


    Herb and Wendy

    • Thank you. We’re preparing new dance videos and projects. Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Not sure when we’ll be up next, but we’ll let you know. So far, it’s cooler down here!

  4. Thank you so much for keeping in touch. You always have something interesting going on!

    • And thank you. How are you and Barry doing? Does Barry have any new work?

    • Thank you old friend. We should Skype soon. What say?

  5. Love the lightening near the end🙄
    good things, e.g. many
    dance performances including teXtmoVes first full length evening
    performance. Check us our at
    and watch the two videos of North Hill performances.
    Also Fusion magazine publised 7 of my poems. You can read them at
    Get on the home page and click on guest artists and scroll to me and
    a wonderful photograph of the bridge Santiago Calatrava designed in
    Bilbao, Spain.

  6. Thank you! Read the poems and particularly love “a raid on the inarticulate”. Did you take the bridge picture? If not, how did it get there? Did somebody submit it?

  7. your neighbor back in the old country your neighbor back in the old country

    “Rhythm” by the Cascades–56 years later and I’m still sick of it

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