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Tribute to “I Want a New Drug” By Huey Lewis and the News

As a tribute to Huey Lewis and the News, I did a dramatic reading of their 1984 hit “I Want a New Drug.” It didn’t turn out like I expected.

Peter Bates

Peter Bates is a writer and photographer living in Florida. He is the administrator of this blog and runs the blog Stylus.

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  1. Will Keenan Will Keenan

    very good!!!

    • Thanks. Remember our sketches from the seventies?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Get off that Sketchy St. before someone steals your camera and punches you in the nose.
    Putnamville was much safer, a half century, ago Let’s go back to Worthington Acres and meet on Warren’s front lawn.

    My favorite drugs when I knew you were Hostess snowballs washed down with a large Coke. I recall you favoring those hotter than cinnamon hell, ” red atomic balls”. You claimed that they were making you radioactive. You still seem to be running on something, Peter, and making awesomely amusing home movies!

    I noticed that our first Bodega, Henry and Eleanor’s, has closed and turned into a private home. I was back in Our Hood, last month. What is it like to live in a 1950’s Variety Store?
    Should we just knock on the door and ask to interview them?

    The last proprietor was a Sweet Asian Lady . I’m sorry that you did not have an opportunity to film her. It would have been a wonderful documentary…. “From Ireland, through Italy (Fossa’s) and on to Thailand in 50 years.

  3. Madlyn Blom Madlyn Blom

    Thanks, Peter. Very interesting with wonderful photos.

    • Hope you enjoy what’s to come. Lots planned.

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